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My name is Peter Rose.
I have designed over a hundred high end top quality custom homes and remodels over the last 30 years in both Northern & Southern California.
I have also built a number of homes for my clients as well, so I have first hand builders experience as well.
I am dedicated to providing excellence and care in designing your home from start to finish. My fees are very competitive and fair. I pride myself in treating each and every job as if it were my own, at the same time providing you with the exact house that you desire within your budget. I will follow through with every aspect of the job from not just the design and drawings, but in helping you with all the choices of building materials, landscapes etc., as well as choosing and working with Contractors and Sub-Contractors through out the job until it is finished. All this for one all inclusive fee that is agreed to at the beginning and remains unchanged throughout the job, as long as the project has no significant changes along the way.
My 30 years experience has exposed me to virtually every design challenge that there is, so you can feel confident that I will be able to full fill all your needs.

Please call me for a free consultation any time at      415-272-8133

or email me at:

Peter M. Rose

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